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lmao wow my LJ is such a desiccated husk of web content

obligatory every two years life update: i have a job now, and more current web content from me can be found at my tumblr and my "new" (in that i started it after the last time i posted on this livejournal, over two years ago) webcomic IOTHERA (current page NSFW)

you know, in case there's any heliothaumic-- or midlands (!) readers who are still checking LJ and wondering whatever happened to me

oh i graduated from parsons a few weeks ago

i should probably make at least a cursory attempt to keep this LJ updated with major life events

grad school is killing me oh god

well, not literally

lots of work though

Whoops, forgot to post the last comic on LJ. ;__;



Heliothaumic 253 is up! http://thaumic.net/2010/08/253-suite/

252 is up. Hi Pnikpik!

Whoops, I forgot to post #251 when it went up!

Here it is!

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I'm going to start posting the comics here again, so that this journal serves some purpose. I guess that just makes it redundant with the LJ syndication but whatever.

Anyway, here is #250: http://thaumic.net/2010/07/250-baseball/

In retrospect I probably should have saved the title "baseball" for a page with more baseball in it but whatever.

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Just wanted to help push the contest out of the way since it's over now, I guess.

(crossposted from http://thaumic.net)

Kiyohara Takako, Ph.D., Sc.D., F.R.S. has rather a lot of tattoos. And, as time goes by, they steadily increase in number. Since she's been wearing a suit for this entire chapter, she might already have a new tattoo!

But instead of me just sort of making something up at the last minute, let's make things more interesting--

I'm giving you folks a chance to make an mark on the comic! Also win fancy prizes.

Here's how it works: Send your design for Takako's tattoo (including where it should go), along with a brief description of why you think Takako would emblazon herself with it, to BLRiley@gmail.com in an email with "Takako" in the subject line.

A Grand Prize Winner will have their tattoo in the comic basically forever. They'll also receive a free, full-color commissioned drawing from me of whatever they want!

2 Runners-up will each receive a free, full-color commissioned drawing.

3 honorable mentions will receive black and white commissions.

The deadline is March 19th, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Remember that Takako is a horrible nerd with no taste at all, so be as creative and weird as you like.

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